The 5 most healthy fruits that should not be missing from your diet

Speaking of fruits, you know that fruits are a nutritious dessert, an excellent option that we should consume every day if we want to strengthen an iron health. But what are the healthiest fruits? . Do you want to know what they are?

 I present The 5 most healthy fruits that should not be missing from your diet



     Like all berries, blueberries are very rich in antioxidants and ranks first on our list. They should be consumed every day, since they can prevent mental problems related to aging, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

     By drinking a daily cup of Cranberry juice, you have a very high chance of preventing infections of the kidneys, prostate, urethra and the entire urinary tract.

     Many studies have shown that Blueberries not only provides eye protection but also prevents numerous eye diseases.

     Its anti-inflammatory properties help to improve the appearance of the skin. These are some examples of the benefits provided by Blueberries.


       Number two on the list, rich in fiber, vitamin C, folates and potassium: these are the beneficial properties that oranges bring us. Folates are essential for pregnant women since it prevents neural tube defects in babies. It also helps by reducing triglycerides and blood cholesterol levels.

 Oranges are a good source of fibre, B vitamins, vitamin A, calcium and potassium.

       The orange provides a high amount of both vitamin C and potassium, so it strengthens and helps us in a very positive way when it comes to improving our immune system in a natural way, that is; They are very useful to increase our defenses.

Oranges promote brain development and keep the vital organ in 

       It helps control high cholesterol levels, as well as blood pressure.

It can be equally useful to prevent the appearance of various types of cancer, among which skin cancer.

They are ideal for weight loss diets, since a medium orange provides very few calories.

      To benefit from all the properties that oranges provide, it is indicated to consume as orange fruit.



      For fatigue, kidney diseases ..., provides resveratrol, an antioxidant that helps prevent heart disease by regulating blood pressure, reducing the chances of forming blood clots. So you can describe the properties and benefits of grapes.

      Avoid constipation: the red grape contains a dose of fiber that acts as a laxative, to be effective you must consume the entire grape.

      Take care of our stomach: to improve our digestion, you must consume it in its juice. Its juice is well known as "must".

The red grape has strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, is an excellent cleanser for our blood and organs.

      Green grapes have much less sugar than red grapes and are rich in carbohydrates.

The green grapes are perfect for the proper functioning of our kidneys and our liver. Our bones can remain healthy, for a much longer time, thanks to vitamin K and vitamin B1. 

      Prevents cancer of the colon, prostate and Alzheimer's, stimulating at the same time, the production of red cells helps to achieve a better circulation of oxygen in the body.



       It is a fruit very rich in antioxidants, high in fiber, vitamins B and C, minerals such as phosphorus, potassium or calcium, helps the digestion of high-fat foods, an important regulatory action of the intestine, helps to avoid constipation.

       These are the properties of the apple, they are very beneficial for a healthy life, ideal for diabetics since they help to control the diet by reducing the levels of sugar in the blood. 

       The list can continue, it is very healthy to eat an apple a day, the most appropriate to consume an apple is midmorning after breakfast.

       The apple is one of the few fruits that have no contraindications, can be consumed by babies, young people, seniors. To avoid suffering from constant acidity, the apple avoids it, thanks to the histidine that is in its composition.


         They are refreshing and nutritious fruits offering benefits for skin care. It contains a type of amino acid that favors the dilation of blood vessels, helping to reduce and prevent strokes and heart attacks.

        Although it has a sweet taste, watermelon has a very low energy density, a large amount of water that allows you to eat large portions (in summer when the heat tightens) without consuming many calories.

        Thanks to the antioxidant power of lycopene and since most of the content of watermelon is essentially water and fiber it is an excellent protection against UV rays. 

        If you want a radiant and hydrated skin, the solution could be in the watermelon and in its high content of lycopene, vitamin A and C it turns this magnificent fruit into a fruit that can do wonders with your body.




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