Reasons to encourage you to stop smoking

Reasons to encourage you to stop smoking

 It is not surprising that smoking favors the development of lung cancer, but do women know that this habit hides their skin? How many men do they know that smoking makes their sex lives worse?
Smoking also favors wrinkles, premature aging of the skin; at the same age, non-smokers are less exposed to wrinkles than those who have smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. 

Bad harms from smoking cigarettes and health benefits from quitting

Millions of people have fallen into this flaw and most smokers are unable to fight, and have lost their fight every time they have tried to quit smoking. Smokers, experience this loss on their skin and lungs: any small physical exercise makes them lose their breath, their skin becomes yellowish, their natural smell changes.

Cavities: Smokers have a three to five times higher caries than non-smokers. This is caused by the appearance of the dental plaque that favors the growth of bacteria, ultimately leading to the caries of the teeth. However, smokers are also unaffected with regard to the unpleasant smell of breathing associated with smokers, which can not be easily removed. The intervention of a dentist is inevitable.

The main effects of tobacco smoking (the primary mode of consumption) are increased the risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular. Dental problems, problems with sexual appetite, potency, and reproduction.

Once you start smoking, it will be very difficult to find a motivation to quit smoking. Insomnia, irritability, frustration, anxiety, agitation, all these indications show that you have probably become addicted to smoking. Smokers risk serious illness, stroke, sight problems, malformations, yes, mothers: your children may be affected by smoking during pregnancy!

The overall average rate of success in quitting smoking is at the end of a year is only 5%

I just want to start thinking about the harmful effects of smoking on a healthy life, teenagers who start smoking at an early age just because they saw you smoke. In order to provide them with a healthy life, it is necessary that the first healthy habits be seen in us. In most cases, the unhealthy habits of parents will be reflected in the lives of their children.  Knowing the negative effects of smoking, and if you still have not found a motivation to quit smoking, the most important motivation is (the human generation of tomorrow). Are you ready to quit smoking? Starting from you we can overcome (Average rate 5%).

Quit smoking for you and for tomorrow's generation, together, for a healthy life.



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