Damages caused by alcohol

If you like to drink alcohol,, it is very necessary to know the risks of drinking alcohol. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a drug is a substance that is introduced into the body by any route of administration, produces an alteration in the normal functioning of the central nervous system, and is very likely to create psychological or physical dependence.

The first affected is the brain. A high consumption of alcohol leads 

to a loss of coordination,

poor judgment ability,

slow reflexes,

distorted vision,

memory lapse.

Alcohol can damage all the organs of the body and can increase the risk of several serious diseases, including cancer. An alcohol poisoning can lead to a coma or even death. Although we are not in agreement, alcohol can harm us, even if it is not us who drink. Simply being with people who are consuming alcohol increases our risk of being harmed, being involved in a traffic accident or more likely to be the target of a violent act.

Alcohol increases the risks of alcoholism, falls, drownings and other accidents.
Alcohol increases the risk of suffering the most dangerous diseases known as cancers of the head, neck, stomach.

Risky sexual behaviors, risk of unwanted pregnancy and most likely, risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
If you are taking medicines, avoid mixing alcohol with medication, always check with your doctor before you start drinking alcohol. 

Alcohol can intensify the effects of many medicines and can interact with others, making them ineffective or dangerous. Alcohol intensifies the risks of anxiety and personality disorders, increases aggression, decreases work or school performance. Alcohol can lead to hallucinations, schizophrenia, amnesia and drug abuse.

Drinking alcohol without control the brain goes to a point called shock phase or ethyl coma: it is when the blood alcohol level reaches 5 g / L, a point where the brain totally loses control of breathing and heart. Health care is essential at this point, because if

this state is extended, the chances of surviving without brain damage decrease dramatically. The organs responsible for respiration are affected and cardiorespiratory arrest can occur and the worst that could happen is "death".

If you think that alcohol is your source of happiness, look around you, look where the alcohol can take you. If you are predisposed to alcoholism, talk to your family about this issue or seek professional help, not seeking help can bring you long-term problems. To be able to stop drinking alcohol, it is recommended that the first step is to start therapy at a recovery center for alcoholism or with professional treatment and help. 

DO NOT ABUSE ALCOHOL, and you will be able to make a step towards a healthy life.



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