What are the keys to a perfect body?


How to achieve a fitness body?

      There are professionals, who offer you several options to lose weight, some options that are healthy. In our days we can not talk about a secret formula to keep fit, it does not exist, only a balanced diet in combination with a healthy lifestyle and exercises can keep your body one hundred percent, for everyday life. Do you want to see what are the physical activities that are healthy for your body?

          What are the keys to a perfect body?
          A perfect fitness body of woman and man is not the thin and skinny body. The goal is to obtain a strong and better prepared body.

Here I present (my opinion) a list of 5 sports and exercises that burn more calories and are easy to practice.

If you want to have a fitness body you should do these simple exercises ...
       Sports and exercises that Lose weight quickly:

      1.  Running

  A sport that allows you to burn between 550 and 650 calories per 25 minutes of activity. It is the most accessible activity that can be practiced since it does not include any cost. It is enough to dress in sports clothes, the bottle of water and go out to run. The quantity, speed, and intensity are the factors that determine the calories that we want to burn. The "Running" is considered a complete cardiorespiratory exercise. Among the recommendations is running 2 kilometers in 10 minutes.

2.The bike

 Recommended to be an excellent means of transport, this activity helps you burn more than 500 calories. This exercise is considered highly aerobic and helps strengthen the legs. A physical activity that has no cost whatsoever. Go out in the afternoon with the bicycle either in the city or in a park,  with friends or you're alone, 10 minutes of pedaling and have repercussions on the muscles, blood circulation, and joints. After 25 minutes positive influences appear in the functions of the heart, and from 40 minutes the fat metabolism is stimulated... It is a basic and very easy exercise, it is enough to pedal for up to one hour, since it is proven to be one of the most complete and universal activities to prevent back pain, protect joints and improve the circulatory and immune system.


 The speed, strength, and agility are what makes this game a fun sport, and with good intensity. In addition to burning more than 450 calories per half hour of play, this activity is an excellent cardiorespiratory exercise. Muscle power forcing you to react quickly and powerfully.
Speed based on short races at full speed in several directions.
Force and control of legs by means of starting and braking.
General coordination of the body, coordination between the eye and the hand.
Control of the large muscles of the body by having to move the body and execute the swing.
Control of small muscles by having to use a lot of control in shots that require finesse.
Agility forcing you to change direction up to 5 times in 10 seconds.

  These are the strengths of tennis that will help you burn calories.


It is a complete training and serves as the whole body, in which practically all the muscles work. With this activity, you can burn between 300 and 450 calories per half hour, depending on the intensity and speed of the exercise. Swimming is beneficial for our muscles and joints and for better flexibility, swimming also improves coordination of the body and the mind, swimming helps us to have a better balance and to have a more efficient and quick reaction time. One of the areas most benefited in this regard is the back: swimming constantly can reduce or cure back pain. The regular practice of this sport makes the respiratory muscles acquire elasticity and mobility. Swimming is one of the sports that is characterized by having the least impact on the bones and joints of the body.


 It does not matter what type of dance we practice, it will always be very beneficial for your body and your health. Every half hour of dancing can make you burn more than 300 calories. Dancing improves skills and abilities that are very important for overall health. The flexibility, strength, and resistance that are acquired with dance help to maintain the body in maximum form. Correct the bad postures: dancing can help correct the bad postures we adopt in daily life and at work. Self-esteem power: reduces anxiety and depression, helps express emotions and channel adrenaline. Dancing raises our spirits and self-esteem.Dancing is a clear example that doing sports is much more fun than sitting still watching TV, it is the best of the "social networks" that has been known so far.



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