10 Lifestyle Tips ; Healthy habits for 2019

We are still in the early stages of the new year so now is the time to start being healthy for 2019. Do not put off trying to develop healthy lifestyle habits because it cannot wait. You must lead the healthy life that you want to live now or else you will never start.

Below are 10 healthy life tips that will help develop your healthy living habits.

1) Healthy Menu

Create a healthy menu for yourself. This is a menu of healthy food that is outlined with healthy food information, such as the number of calories, fat, fiber, and so on. That way, you will be able to make smart food choices a lot faster without having to figure out what is healthy every time you want to eat.

Most people, are or should be aware of the importance of consuming healthy and balanced food, being directly related to health problems and therefore leads to lower performance in the area in which you work every day.

When you start planning a healthy menu you always need to have a goal. The only way to get a healthy menu, is to start planning a menu that is balanced, nutritious and have no shortages and no excesses. The first thing we must keep in mind is how many meals we will distribute our daily menu.

It is not very appropriate to skip meals and not spend many hours without eating if we want to care for and protect our body that does not lack energy and nutrients. A useful tip is to organize a distributed in 4 to 5 meals daily menu.

Healthy and simple menu

2) Remind Yourself About the Importance of Health

If you feel yourself about to make an unhealthy decision, remind yourself about the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and the benefits they will bring. This will help you avoid the bad lifestyle and health choices.

17 million people in the world die from cardiovascular diseases. An impressive number that makes us reflect and think if we should change our habits. It is estimated that every 4-6 seconds a heart attack occurs and every 5-6 seconds a cerebral vascular infarction. Specifically, the first cause of death worldwide are ischemic heart disease (heart attacks, chest angina, heart attacks ...) followed by cerebrovascular disorders.

With these data, it seems essential to change our habits, consolidate prevention measures and eliminate bad habits that increasingly endangers our society. It is very important to promote healthy habits, very necessary to avoid diseases and pathologies that can interfere with affecting family life .

3) Move the Body

The body needs to move around to be healthy. This year, lead a healthy life by walking more and sitting less. If you work a desk job, try to squeeze in 20 minutes of walking per day during your breaks or after work.

After a few years, reaching an age of "40", the body no longer has the same skills to practice sport. Not having taken care of it, it will have many negative repercussions, although you do not notice it the body is very weak. You can try the following ways:
1. repeatedly go up and down 4 floors of a building using the stairs, up to 4 times without stopping.
2. Start running, the ideal is to keep up for 10 minutes, doing these two tests will notice how much your body can hold. That is why the minimum daily time established to have a healthy life is 20 to 30 minutes per day.

If you are among those people who do not practice physical activity, it is recommended to start exercising 3 days a week, increasing one day each month. However, the ideal is to do a little daily exercise, about 10 minutes because although it seems a lot, the body gets used. In this way you will look an enviable body and you will be healthier and stronger!

4) Sleep Enough

Living the healthy life that you want will not happen if you don’t get enough sleep. You need at least 6 hours of sleep per day to maintain a good lifestyle. This will make you energetic and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

To get a good night's sleep, we need to organize rest hours and do it responsibly. It is very appropriate to go to sleep at the same hour every night and wake up at the same hour in the morning, or try to make it possible to do so. In this way we can train our body and make us sleep more quickly, in this way our He knows the hours of rest and he will manage it better.

The place of rest should be like a small temple where tranquility and silence are the most important things. Electronic devices such as mobile, laptop or television should be prohibited in the rest area. In order for our body to rest properly, the room should be very tidy and with few objects around to facilitate an atmosphere of tranquility that requires a restful sleep.

If you can not get to sleep, get up: if you are lying in bed and after 20 minutes we can not sleep, it is a sign that our body is not relaxed and therefore it will be hard for us to fall asleep. What can you do? Get up look for a book, start reading and soon you will sleep, go back to bed. It does not make any sense to go around and around in bed, this will not speed up the sleeping process.

One more tip, napping is beneficial to continue with energy the rest of the day. A maximum of 30 minutes will be great and our body will be more relaxed, when it's time to go to sleep.

5) Talk to Family

Talking to family more will enable you to stay healthy mentally. It is a reminder that you have people who care about you somewhere in your life and that will make you feel happy.

It is very likely that sometimes we complain that families do not speak to each other. It is not that they do not talk, say good morning, or do the administrative tasks of the house, it seems that we talk and listen but do not pay attention to everything. With each passing day, there seems to be no time to sit down and talk, as it is crucial for our future and very important to talk about the topics that interest everyone.

Many times, the guilt of many family silences are born of the sad reality of "I do not know how to talk to my family, ...". This can have two causes: my family , do not care about me, about my life, my beliefs, nothing about me, in this way it is very difficult to talk. Having a negative attitude "I think I am so poor humanly" that I can not contribute anything new. To have a healthy life, you have to open your heart and mind, to talk, listen, express your opinion.

A challenge that each person has to achieve, is to learn how to talk as a family, taking into account the times we live, it is not easy, but, it is something accessible to everyone. Simply turn off, from time to time, the television, mobile phones and any other source of distractions, and gather "the whole family" starting with the grandparents and the youngest, in the biggest room of the house to listen and speak. You will gain a lot in what "family love" means. Something like that, you can not buy, because it has no price in the market.

6) Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Get someone in your life to be your healthy lifestyle coach. This could be a friend or family member who wants to help you live healthy and happy.

This is a very sensitive issue. We know that we are not always surrounded , with people of good behavior, sometimes there are friends who are not the most relevant people for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are those "friends" who can change our good behaviors for ones that are not very healthy. It is very important to have real friends, those who want the best for you. When you have a strong mind and a healthy body, do not forget to help people who need help.

7) Write About Your Experiences

Being healthy can be difficult, so you should document your journey of developing healthy habits. You can write a healthy life article or book to inform people of what you must go through to achieve a healthy life.

8) Less Electronics

Studies have shown that people who stay online most of the day or use their smartphones frequently are going to be more depressed. Therefore, try using your electronic devices less and talk to real people in-person more.

9) Keep Working

One of the great ways to be healthy is to keep working because it makes you feel useful and motivated. If you are retired or have no job, you will feel bored and useless. Working keeps you active and energetic.

10) Learn Something New Every Day

The internet is a sea of information. Take one moment out of the day to learn something new, such as a new word or piece of history that you find interesting. The more you develop your brain, the better you will feel about yourself.


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